Trying to Configure the Access Point?

It looks like you may have run into an issue

If you're connecting to the Router directly, you will be unable to access the Access Point's management page by using

Solution One:

If your extended Wi-Fi network name is different from the main router (e.g. MyHome on the router, TP-LINK_AP_XXXX on the access point), please connect to the extended Wi-Fi (e.g. TP-LINK_AP_XXXX) and try again.

Solution Two:

In case both Wi-Fi network names are the same (e.g. MyHome on the router and MyHome on the access point too), you may access the management page by using the Ethernet connection or access point’s LAN IP.

  1. By Ethernet connection : turn off the Wireless Connection on your computer, connect your computer to the access point with an Ethernet cable and try;
  2. By LAN IP: go to the DHCP Client List on your router, check the access point’s current IP and type it in the address bar.